Seminars, Panels and Workshops

An important part of WISAY's goals is to spotlight prominent and successful women scientists from Yale and across the country, and to provide resources and guidence to our members through interaction with more advanced scientists.  Through seminars, panels, and discussions invited speakers have shared with us the experiences of their career paths in academia, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. Past speakers have given us their unique perspectives on how opportunities for women have emerged over time, as well as commentary on the challenges that remain.

Regular and recent single events include:

  • Non-Academic Careers Panel (annual)
  • Work-Life Balance Panel (annual)
  • "How to be an Ally to Women in Science" seminar and workshop by Chris Kilmartin
  • WISAY Distiguished Woman in Science Award Seminar (annual)
  • Alan Alda Center for Science Communication workshop
  • "How to Apply to Graduate School" Panel (annual)




WISAY aims to highlight seminars and networking sessions taking place throughout the academic year. If you would like to suggest a specific speaker, please let us know your ideas by sending an e-mail to: