To contact all members of the board, e-mail: or

Current WISAY Board Members:

     Graduate students:


 Alumnae Board Members:

  • Rebecca Delventhal
  • Megan Ericson
  • Christal Sohl
  • Stephanie Tomasulo
  • Marisa Rubio
  • Nidhi Khurana
  • Kristy Lamb
  • Rebecca van den Honert 
  • Miriam-Rose Menezes 
  • Maria Tokuyama
  • Elizabeth Genné-Bacon
  • Keri Small
  • Elizabeth Boulton
  • Allison Goldberg
  • Savannah Thais
  • Huiyan Jin
  • Emine Altunas
  • Yingying Cai
  • Elisa Araldi
  • Karen Hodgson
  • Xin Cindy Yan

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